MySQL  8.0.19
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config Struct Reference

#include <default_engine.h>

Public Attributes

bool use_cas
size_t verbose
rel_time_t oldest_live
bool evict_to_free
size_t maxbytes
bool preallocate
float factor
size_t chunk_size
size_t item_size_max
bool ignore_vbucket
bool vb0

Member Data Documentation

◆ chunk_size

size_t config::chunk_size

◆ evict_to_free

bool config::evict_to_free

◆ factor

float config::factor

◆ ignore_vbucket

bool config::ignore_vbucket

◆ item_size_max

size_t config::item_size_max

◆ maxbytes

size_t config::maxbytes

◆ oldest_live

rel_time_t config::oldest_live

◆ preallocate

bool config::preallocate

◆ use_cas

bool config::use_cas

◆ vb0

bool config::vb0

◆ verbose

size_t config::verbose

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