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27/** @file include/pars0opt.h
28 Simple SQL optimizer
30 Created 12/21/1997 Heikki Tuuri
31 *******************************************************/
33#ifndef pars0opt_h
34#define pars0opt_h
36#include "dict0types.h"
37#include "pars0sym.h"
38#include "que0types.h"
39#include "row0sel.h"
40#include "univ.i"
41#include "usr0types.h"
43/** Optimizes a select. Decides which indexes to tables to use. The tables
44 are accessed in the order that they were written to the FROM part in the
45 select statement. */
46void opt_search_plan(sel_node_t *sel_node); /*!< in: parsed select node */
47/** Looks for occurrences of the columns of the table in the query subgraph and
48 adds them to the list of columns if an occurrence of the same column does not
49 already exist in the list. If the column is already in the list, puts a value
50 indirection to point to the occurrence in the column list, except if the
51 column occurrence we are looking at is in the column list, in which case
52 nothing is done. */
54 bool copy_val, /*!< in: if true, new found columns are
55 added as columns to copy */
56 dict_index_t *index, /*!< in: index to use */
57 sym_node_list_t *col_list, /*!< in: base node of a list where
58 to add new found columns */
59 plan_t *plan, /*!< in: plan or NULL */
60 que_node_t *exp); /*!< in: expression or condition */
Data dictionary global types.
void opt_search_plan(sel_node_t *sel_node)
Optimizes a select.
void opt_find_all_cols(bool copy_val, dict_index_t *index, sym_node_list_t *col_list, plan_t *plan, que_node_t *exp)
Looks for occurrences of the columns of the table in the query subgraph and adds them to the list of ...
SQL parser symbol table.
Query graph global types.
void que_node_t
Definition: que0types.h:40
Data structure for an index.
Definition: dict0mem.h:1021
Query plan.
Definition: row0sel.h:246
Select statement node.
Definition: row0sel.h:328
Version control for database, common definitions, and include files.
Users and sessions global types.