MySQL 8.0.31
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Mysql::Tools::Upgrade Namespace Reference


class  Program


string deprecation_msg

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◆ deprecation_msg

string Mysql::Tools::Upgrade::deprecation_msg
Initial value:
"The mysql_upgrade client is now deprecated. The actions executed by the "
"upgrade client are now done by the server.\nTo upgrade, please start the "
"new MySQL binary with the older data directory. Repairing user tables is "
"done automatically. Restart is not required after upgrade.\nThe upgrade "
"process automatically starts on running a new MySQL binary with an older "
"data directory. To avoid accidental upgrades, please use the "
"--upgrade=NONE option with the MySQL binary. The option --upgrade=FORCE "
"is also provided to run the server upgrade sequence on demand.\nIt may be "
"possible that the server upgrade fails due to a number of reasons. In "
"that case, the upgrade sequence will run again during the next MySQL "
"server start. If the server upgrade fails repeatedly, the server can be "
"started with the --upgrade=MINIMAL option to start the server without "
"executing the upgrade sequence, thus allowing users to manually rectify "
"the problem."