MySQL  8.0.20
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memcached_mysql.h File Reference

InnoDB Memcached plugin. More...

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struct  memcached_context
 The main memcached header holding commonly used data structures and function prototypes. More...


typedef struct memcached_context memcached_context_t


void * daemon_memcached_main (void *p)
void shutdown_server (void)
bool initialize_complete (void)
bool shutdown_complete (void)
bool init_complete (void)

Detailed Description

InnoDB Memcached plugin.

Created 04/12/2011 Jimmy Yang

Typedef Documentation

◆ memcached_context_t

Function Documentation

◆ daemon_memcached_main()

void* daemon_memcached_main ( void *  p)

◆ init_complete()

bool init_complete ( void  )

◆ initialize_complete()

bool initialize_complete ( void  )

◆ shutdown_complete()

bool shutdown_complete ( void  )

◆ shutdown_server()

void shutdown_server ( void  )