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26 *****************************************************************************/
28 /** @file dict/dict.h
29  Data dictionary system
31  Created 1/8/1996 Heikki Tuuri
32  *******************************************************/
34 /** NOTE: The functions in this file should only use functions from
35 other files in library. The code in this file is used to make a library for
36 external tools. */
38 #ifndef dict_dict_h
39 #define dict_dict_h
40 /** Adds a column to index.
41 @param[in,out] index index
42 @param[in] table table
43 @param[in] col column
44 @param[in] prefix_len column prefix length
45 @param[in] is_ascending true=ASC, false=DESC */
46 void dict_index_add_col(dict_index_t *index, const dict_table_t *table,
47  dict_col_t *col, ulint prefix_len, bool is_ascending);
49 #endif
void dict_index_add_col(dict_index_t *index, const dict_table_t *table, dict_col_t *col, ulint prefix_len, bool is_ascending)
NOTE: The functions in this file should only use functions from other files in library.
Data structure for a database table.
Definition: dict0mem.h:1520
Data structure for a column in a table.
Definition: dict0mem.h:465
Data structure for an index.
Definition: dict0mem.h:879