MySQL 9.0.0
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my_service< TService > Member List

This is the complete list of members for my_service< TService >, including all inherited members.

is_valid() constmy_service< TService >inline
m_registrymy_service< TService >private
m_servicemy_service< TService >private
my_service(const char *name, const mysql_service_registry_t *registry)my_service< TService >inline
my_service(const char *name, my_h_service related_service, const mysql_service_registry_t *registry)my_service< TService >inline
my_service(my_h_service service, const mysql_service_registry_t *registry)my_service< TService >inline
my_service(const my_service< TService > &other)=deletemy_service< TService >
my_service(my_service< TService > &&other)my_service< TService >inline
operator bool() constmy_service< TService >inline
operator my_h_service() constmy_service< TService >inline
operator TService *() constmy_service< TService >inline
operator->() constmy_service< TService >inline
untie()my_service< TService >inline
~my_service()my_service< TService >inline