MySQL 8.4.0
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dyn_buf_t< SIZE > Member List

This is the complete list of members for dyn_buf_t< SIZE >, including all inherited members.

add_block()dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inlineprivate
at(ulint pos) constdyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
at(ulint pos)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
back()dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inlineprivate
close(const byte *ptr)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
dyn_buf_t()dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
dyn_buf_t(dyn_buf_t &&)=deletedyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
dyn_buf_t(const dyn_buf_t &)=deletedyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
erase()dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
find(ulint &pos)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inlineprivate
for_each_block(Functor &functor) constdyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
for_each_block_in_reverse(Functor &functor) constdyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
front()dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
has_space(ulint size) constdyn_buf_t< SIZE >inlineprivate
has_space(ulint size)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inlineprivate
is_small() constdyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
m_first_blockdyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
m_heapdyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
m_listdyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
m_sizedyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
MAX_DATA_SIZEdyn_buf_t< SIZE >static
open(ulint size)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
operator=(dyn_buf_t &&)=deletedyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
operator=(const dyn_buf_t &)=deletedyn_buf_t< SIZE >private
push(uint32_t size)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
push(const byte *ptr, uint32_t len)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
push_back(block_t *block)dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inlineprivate
size() constdyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline
UT_LIST_BASE_NODE_T(block_t, m_node) block_list_tdyn_buf_t< SIZE >
UT_LIST_NODE_T(block_t) block_node_tdyn_buf_t< SIZE >
~dyn_buf_t()dyn_buf_t< SIZE >inline