MySQL 9.0.0
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dd::Collection< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for dd::Collection< T >, including all inherited members.

abstract_type typedefdd::Collection< T >
Array typedefdd::Collection< T >
at(size_t n) constdd::Collection< T >
at(size_t n)dd::Collection< T >inline
back() constdd::Collection< T >inline
back()dd::Collection< T >inline
begin()dd::Collection< T >inline
begin() constdd::Collection< T >inline
cbegin() constdd::Collection< T >inline
cend() constdd::Collection< T >inline
clear_all_items()dd::Collection< T >private
clear_removed_items()dd::Collection< T >
Collection()=defaultdd::Collection< T >
Collection(const Collection &)=deletedd::Collection< T >
const_iterator typedefdd::Collection< T >
deep_copy(const Collection< T > &src, Parent_item *parent)dd::Collection< T >
drop_items(Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx, Raw_table *table, Object_key *key) constdd::Collection< T >
empty() constdd::Collection< T >inline
end()dd::Collection< T >inline
end() constdd::Collection< T >inline
find(const impl_type *item)dd::Collection< T >
front() constdd::Collection< T >inline
front()dd::Collection< T >inline
has_removed_items() constdd::Collection< T >inline
impl_type typedefdd::Collection< T >
insert(iterator it, impl_type *item)dd::Collection< T >inline
iterator typedefdd::Collection< T >
m_itemsdd::Collection< T >private
m_removed_itemsdd::Collection< T >private
operator=(Collection &)=deletedd::Collection< T >
operator[](size_t n) constdd::Collection< T >inline
operator[](size_t n)dd::Collection< T >inline
push_back(impl_type *item)dd::Collection< T >inline
push_front(impl_type *item)dd::Collection< T >inline
remove(impl_type *item)dd::Collection< T >
remove_all()dd::Collection< T >inline
renumerate_items()dd::Collection< T >inlineprivate
restore_items(Parent_item *parent, Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx, Raw_table *table, Object_key *key)dd::Collection< T >
restore_items(Parent_item *parent, Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx, Raw_table *table, Object_key *key, Compare comp)dd::Collection< T >
size() constdd::Collection< T >inline
store_items(Open_dictionary_tables_ctx *otx)dd::Collection< T >
value_type typedefdd::Collection< T >
~Collection()dd::Collection< T >inline