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classic_protocol::Codec< session_track::Gtid > Class Reference

codec for session_track::Gtid. More...

#include <classic_protocol_codec_session_track.h>

Inheritance diagram for classic_protocol::Codec< session_track::Gtid >:

Public Types

using value_type = session_track::Gtid
using __base = impl::EncodeBase< Codec< value_type > >

Public Member Functions

 Codec (value_type v, capabilities::value_type caps)
- Public Member Functions inherited from classic_protocol::impl::EncodeBase< Codec< session_track::Gtid > >
constexpr EncodeBase (capabilities::value_type caps)
constexpr size_t size () const noexcept
stdx::expected< size_t, std::error_code > encode (const net::mutable_buffer &buffer) const
constexpr capabilities::value_type caps () const noexcept

Static Public Member Functions

constexpr static uint8_t type_byte ()
template<class ConstBufferSequence >
static stdx::expected< std::pair< size_t, value_type >, std::error_code > decode (const ConstBufferSequence &buffers, capabilities::value_type caps)
 decode a session_track::Gtid from a buffer-sequence. More...

Public Attributes

friend __base

Private Member Functions

template<class Accumulator >
auto accumulate_fields (Accumulator &&accu) const

Private Attributes

const value_type v_

Detailed Description

codec for session_track::Gtid.


  • FixedInt<int> spec (only 0 is in use for now)
  • VarString payload (payload according to spec).

payload for spec 0:

  • GTID in human-readable form like 4dd0f9d5-3b00-11eb-ad70-003093140e4e:23929

part of session_track::Field

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ __base

◆ value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Codec()

Member Function Documentation

◆ accumulate_fields()

template<class Accumulator >
auto classic_protocol::Codec< session_track::Gtid >::accumulate_fields ( Accumulator &&  accu) const

◆ decode()

template<class ConstBufferSequence >
static stdx::expected< std::pair< size_t, value_type >, std::error_code > classic_protocol::Codec< session_track::Gtid >::decode ( const ConstBufferSequence &  buffers,
capabilities::value_type  caps 

decode a session_track::Gtid from a buffer-sequence.

buffersinput buffser sequence
capsprotocol capabilities
Return values
std::pair<size_t,session_track::Gtid>on success, with bytes processed
codec_errc::not_enough_inputnot enough data to parse the whole message

◆ type_byte()

constexpr static uint8_t classic_protocol::Codec< session_track::Gtid >::type_byte ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ __base

◆ v_

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