MySQL 9.0.0
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Wait_ticket< K > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Wait_ticket< K >, including all inherited members.

block_until_empty(int timeout)Wait_ticket< K >inline
blockedWait_ticket< K >private
clear()Wait_ticket< K >inline
condWait_ticket< K >private
empty()Wait_ticket< K >inline
get_all_waiting_keys(std::vector< K > &key_list)Wait_ticket< K >inline
lockWait_ticket< K >private
mapWait_ticket< K >private
registerTicket(const K &key)Wait_ticket< K >inline
releaseTicket(const K &key, bool release_due_to_error=false)Wait_ticket< K >inline
set_blocked_status(bool blocked_flag)Wait_ticket< K >inline
Wait_ticket()Wait_ticket< K >inline
waitingWait_ticket< K >private
waitTicket(const K &key, ulong timeout=0)Wait_ticket< K >inline
~Wait_ticket()Wait_ticket< K >inlinevirtual