MySQL 8.2.0
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Time_zone Member List

This is the complete list of members for Time_zone, including all inherited members.

adjust_leap_second(MYSQL_TIME *t)Time_zoneinlineprotectedstatic
get_name() const =0Time_zonepure virtual
get_timezone_offset() const =0Time_zonepure virtual
get_timezone_type() const =0Time_zonepure virtual
gmt_sec_to_TIME(MYSQL_TIME *tmp, my_time_t t) const =0Time_zonepure virtual
gmt_sec_to_TIME(MYSQL_TIME *tmp, my_timeval tv) constTime_zoneinline
TIME_to_gmt_sec(const MYSQL_TIME *t, bool *in_dst_time_gap) const =0Time_zonepure virtual
TZ_DB enum valueTime_zone
TZ_OFFSET enum valueTime_zone
TZ_SYSTEM enum valueTime_zone
tz_type enum nameTime_zone
TZ_UTC enum valueTime_zone