MySQL 8.2.0
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PFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >, including all inherited members.

container_type typedefPFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >private
m_containerPFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >private
m_indexPFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >private
PFS_buffer_container< T, U, V >PFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >friend
PFS_buffer_iterator(container_type *container, uint index)PFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >inlineprivate
scan_next()PFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >inline
scan_next(uint *found_index)PFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >inline
value_type typedefPFS_buffer_iterator< T, U, V >private