MySQL 8.1.0
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Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task Class Reference

Represents single data row. More...

#include <row_group_dump_task.h>

Inheritance diagram for Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task:

Public Member Functions

 Row_group_dump_task (Table *source_table, const std::vector< Mysql_field > &fields, const bool has_generated_column, const bool has_invisible_columns)
I_data_objectget_related_db_object () const override
bool can_be_executed () const override
 Returns true if task can start processing, for example when all dependencies are met. More...
void set_completed () override
 Sets task completed flag. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Mysql::Tools::Dump::Abstract_simple_dump_task
 Abstract_simple_dump_task ()
 ~Abstract_simple_dump_task () override
bool is_completed () const override
 Returns true if task was fully completed by all elements of chain. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Mysql::Tools::Dump::I_dump_task
virtual ~I_dump_task ()

Public Attributes

const Tablem_source_table
 Returns a table the rows are contained in. More...
const std::vector< Mysql_field > & m_fields
 Contains all fields information. More...
std::vector< Row * > m_rows
 Returns all rows. More...
const bool m_has_generated_columns
 Contains generated/virtual fields. More...
const bool m_has_invisible_columns
 Contains invisible columns. More...

Detailed Description

Represents single data row.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Row_group_dump_task()

Row_group_dump_task::Row_group_dump_task ( Table source_table,
const std::vector< Mysql_field > &  fields,
const bool  has_generated_column,
const bool  has_invisible_columns 

Member Function Documentation

◆ can_be_executed()

bool Row_group_dump_task::can_be_executed ( ) const

Returns true if task can start processing, for example when all dependencies are met.

Implements Mysql::Tools::Dump::I_dump_task.

◆ get_related_db_object()

I_data_object * Row_group_dump_task::get_related_db_object ( ) const

◆ set_completed()

void Row_group_dump_task::set_completed ( )

Sets task completed flag.

Need to be called once main chain element receives completion report.

Reimplemented from Mysql::Tools::Dump::Abstract_simple_dump_task.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_fields

const std::vector<Mysql_field>& Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task::m_fields

Contains all fields information.

◆ m_has_generated_columns

const bool Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task::m_has_generated_columns

Contains generated/virtual fields.

◆ m_has_invisible_columns

const bool Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task::m_has_invisible_columns

Contains invisible columns.

◆ m_rows

std::vector<Row *> Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task::m_rows

Returns all rows.

◆ m_source_table

const Table* Mysql::Tools::Dump::Row_group_dump_task::m_source_table

Returns a table the rows are contained in.

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