MySQL 8.0.32
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Link_buf< Position > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Link_buf< Position >, including all inherited members.

add_link(Position from, Position to)Link_buf< Position >inline
add_link_advance_tail(Position from, Position to)Link_buf< Position >inline
advance_tail()Link_buf< Position >inline
advance_tail_until(Stop_condition stop_condition, uint32_t max_retry=1)Link_buf< Position >
capacity() constLink_buf< Position >inline
Distance typedefLink_buf< Position >
free()Link_buf< Position >private
has_space(Position position)Link_buf< Position >inline
Link_buf(size_t capacity)Link_buf< Position >explicit
Link_buf()Link_buf< Position >
Link_buf(Link_buf &&rhs)Link_buf< Position >
Link_buf(const Link_buf &rhs)=deleteLink_buf< Position >
m_capacityLink_buf< Position >private
m_linksLink_buf< Position >private
m_tailLink_buf< Position >private
next_position(Position position, Position &next)Link_buf< Position >inlineprivate
operator=(Link_buf &&rhs)Link_buf< Position >
operator=(const Link_buf &rhs)=deleteLink_buf< Position >
slot_index(Position position) constLink_buf< Position >inlineprivate
tail() constLink_buf< Position >inline
validate_no_links(Position begin, Position end)Link_buf< Position >
validate_no_links()Link_buf< Position >
~Link_buf()Link_buf< Position >