MySQL 8.0.32
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C++ Coding Guidelines for NDB Cluster

The ndbcluster plugin (storage/ndb/plugin) uses the same coding style as the rest of the MySQL Server code.

The rest of the NDB code has a long history, and uses many coding styles. When modifying and extending existing source files or modules, the coding style already used in that code should be followed in terms of indentation, naming conventions, etc. For completely new code, the MySQL Server conventions (with exceptions below) should probably be followed.

Do not make changes to NDB code purely for the sake of changing from one formatting style to another. It just causes merge annoyances and makes patches harder to read, and we do not expect the style to ever become 100% consistent across all of the source code. However, it is okay to fix inconsistent style in lines that are changed for other reasons.

One convention that should be followed for all new or modified code is that class member variables should be named with lowercase words separated by underscores '_', and prefixed with 'm_'. Like this:

const char *m_my_class_member;