MySQL  8.0.12
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ib_cursor_t Struct Reference

Cursor instance for traversing tables/indexes. More...

Public Attributes

 Instance heap. More...
 Heap to use for query graphs. More...
ib_qry_proc_t q_proc
 Query processing info. More...
ib_match_mode_t match_mode
 ib_cursor_moveto match mode More...
 meta-data lock on the table More...
 For reading rows. More...
bool valid_trx
 Valid transaction attached. More...

Detailed Description

Cursor instance for traversing tables/indexes.

This will eventually become row_prebuilt_t.

Member Data Documentation

◆ heap

mem_heap_t* ib_cursor_t::heap

Instance heap.

◆ match_mode

ib_match_mode_t ib_cursor_t::match_mode

ib_cursor_moveto match mode

◆ mdl

MDL_ticket* ib_cursor_t::mdl

meta-data lock on the table

◆ prebuilt

row_prebuilt_t* ib_cursor_t::prebuilt

For reading rows.

◆ q_proc

ib_qry_proc_t ib_cursor_t::q_proc

Query processing info.

◆ query_heap

mem_heap_t* ib_cursor_t::query_heap

Heap to use for query graphs.

◆ valid_trx

bool ib_cursor_t::valid_trx

Valid transaction attached.

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