MySQL  8.0.12
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include Directory Reference


file  api0api.h [code]
 InnoDB Native API.
file  api0misc.h [code]
 InnoDB Native API.
file  arch0arch.h [code]
 Common interface for redo log and dirty page archiver system.
file  arch0log.h [code]
 Innodb interface for log archive.
file  arch0page.h [code]
 Innodb interface for modified page archive.
file  btr0btr.h [code]
 The B-tree.
file  btr0bulk.h [code]
 The B-tree bulk load.
file  btr0cur.h [code]
 The index tree cursor.
file  btr0pcur.h [code]
 The index tree persistent cursor.
file  btr0sea.h [code]
 The index tree adaptive search.
file  btr0types.h [code]
 The index tree general types.
file  buf0buddy.h [code]
 Binary buddy allocator for compressed pages.
file  buf0buf.h [code]
 The database buffer pool high-level routines.
file  buf0checksum.h [code]
 Buffer pool checksum functions, also linked from /extra/
file  buf0dblwr.h [code]
 Doublewrite buffer module.
file  buf0dump.h [code]
 Implements a buffer pool dump/load.
file  buf0flu.h [code]
 The database buffer pool flush algorithm.
file  buf0lru.h [code]
 The database buffer pool LRU replacement algorithm.
file  buf0rea.h [code]
 The database buffer read.
file  buf0stats.h [code]
 Buffer pool stats.
file  buf0types.h [code]
 The database buffer pool global types for the directory.
file  clone0api.h [code]
 Innodb Clone Interface.
file  clone0clone.h [code]
 Innodb Clone System.
file  clone0desc.h [code]
 Innodb clone descriptors.
file  clone0monitor.h [code]
 Performance Schema stage instrumentation to monitor clone progress.
file  clone0snapshot.h [code]
 Database Physical Snapshot.
file  data0data.h [code]
 SQL data field and tuple.
file  data0type.h [code]
 Data types.
file  data0types.h [code]
 Some type definitions.
file  db0err.h [code]
 Global error codes for the database.
file  dict0boot.h [code]
 Data dictionary creation and booting.
file  dict0crea.h [code]
 Database object creation.
file  dict0dd.h [code]
 Data dictionary interface.
file  dict0dict.h [code]
 Data dictionary system.
file  dict0load.h [code]
 Loads to the memory cache database object definitions from dictionary tables.
file  dict0mem.h [code]
 Data dictionary memory object creation.
file  dict0priv.h [code]
 Data dictionary private functions.
file  dict0sdi-decompress.h [code]
file  dict0sdi.h [code]
file  dict0stats.h [code]
 Code used for calculating and manipulating table statistics.
file  dict0stats_bg.h [code]
 Code used for background table and index stats gathering.
file  dict0types.h [code]
 Data dictionary global types.
file  dict0upgrade.h [code]
file  dyn0buf.h [code]
 The dynamically allocated buffer implementation.
file  dyn0types.h [code]
 The dynamically allocated buffer types and constants.
file  eval0eval.h [code]
 SQL evaluator: evaluates simple data structures, like expressions, in a query graph.
file  eval0proc.h [code]
 Executes SQL stored procedures and their control structures.
file  fil0fil.h [code]
 The low-level file system.
file  fil0types.h [code]
 The low-level file system page header & trailer offsets.
file  fsp0file.h [code]
 Tablespace data file implementation.
file  fsp0fsp.h [code]
 File space management.
file  fsp0space.h [code]
 General shared tablespace implementation.
file  fsp0sysspace.h [code]
 Multi file, shared, system tablespace implementation.
file  fsp0types.h [code]
file  fts0ast.h [code]
 The FTS query parser (AST) abstract syntax tree routines.
file  fts0fts.h [code]
 Full text search header file.
file  fts0opt.h [code]
 Full Text Search optimize thread.
file  fts0pars.h [code]
file  fts0plugin.h [code]
 Full text search plugin header file.
file  fts0priv.h [code]
 Full text search internal header file.
file  fts0tokenize.h [code]
 Full Text Search plugin tokenizer refer to MyISAM.
file  fts0types.h [code]
 Full text search types file.
file  fut0fut.h [code]
 File-based utilities.
file  fut0lst.h [code]
 File-based list utilities.
file  gis0geo.h [code]
 The r-tree define from MyISAM.
file  gis0rtree.h [code]
 R-tree header file.
file  gis0type.h [code]
 R-tree header file.
file  ha0ha.h [code]
 The hash table with external chains.
file  ha0storage.h [code]
 Hash storage.
file  ha_prototypes.h [code]
 Prototypes for global functions in that are called by InnoDB C code.
file  handler0alter.h [code]
file  hash0hash.h [code]
 The simple hash table utility.
file  ib0mutex.h [code]
 Policy based mutexes.
file  ibuf0ibuf.h [code]
 Insert buffer.
file  ibuf0types.h [code]
 Insert buffer global types.
file  lob0del.h [code]
file  lob0first.h [code]
file  lob0impl.h [code]
file  lob0index.h [code]
file  lob0inf.h [code]
file  lob0ins.h [code]
file  lob0lob.h [code]
 Implements the large objects (LOB) module.
file  lob0pages.h [code]
file  lob0undo.h [code]
 Undo logging small changes to BLOBs.
file  lob0util.h [code]
file  lob0zip.h [code]
file  lock0iter.h [code]
 Lock queue iterator type and function prototypes.
file  lock0lock.h [code]
 The transaction lock system.
file  lock0prdt.h [code]
 The predicate lock system.
file  lock0priv.h [code]
 Lock module internal structures and methods.
file  lock0types.h [code]
 The transaction lock system global types.
file  log0ddl.h [code]
 DDL log.
file  log0log.h [code]
 Redo log constants and functions.
file  log0recv.h [code]
file  log0test.h [code]
 Redo log - helper for unit tests.
file  log0types.h [code]
 Redo log types.
file  mach0data.h [code]
 Utilities for converting data from the database file to the machine format.
file  mem0mem.h [code]
 The memory management.
file  mtr0log.h [code]
 Mini-transaction logging routines.
file  mtr0mtr.h [code]
 Mini-transaction buffer.
file  mtr0types.h [code]
 Mini-transaction buffer global types.
file  os0atomic.h [code]
 Macros for using atomics.
file  os0event.h [code]
 The interface to the operating system condition variables.
file  os0file.h [code]
 The interface to the operating system file io.
file  os0numa.h [code]
 NUMA API wrapper over various operating system specific APIs.
file  os0once.h [code]
 A class that aids executing a given function exactly once in a multi-threaded environment.
file  os0proc.h [code]
 The interface to the operating system process control primitives.
file  os0thread-create.h [code]
 The interface to the threading wrapper.
file  os0thread.h [code]
 The interface to the operating system process and thread control primitives.
file  page0cur.h [code]
 The page cursor.
file  page0page.h [code]
 Index page routines.
file  page0size.h [code]
 A class describing a page size.
file  page0types.h [code]
 Index page routines.
file  page0zip.h [code]
 Compressed page interface.
file  pars0grm.h [code]
file  pars0opt.h [code]
 Simple SQL optimizer.
file  pars0pars.h [code]
 SQL parser.
file  pars0sym.h [code]
 SQL parser symbol table.
file  pars0types.h [code]
 SQL parser global types.
file  que0que.h [code]
 Query graph.
file  que0types.h [code]
 Query graph global types.
file  read0read.h [code]
 Cursor read.
file  read0types.h [code]
 Cursor read.
file  rem0cmp.h [code]
 Comparison services for records.
file  rem0rec.h [code]
 Record manager.
file  rem0types.h [code]
 Record manager global types.
file  row0ext.h [code]
 Caching of externally stored column prefixes.
file  row0ftsort.h [code]
 Create Full Text Index with (parallel) merge sort.
file  row0import.h [code]
 Header file for import tablespace functions.
file  row0ins.h [code]
 Insert into a table.
file  row0log.h [code]
 Modification log for online index creation and online table rebuild.
file  row0merge.h [code]
 Index build routines using a merge sort.
file  row0mysql.h [code]
 Interface between Innobase row operations and MySQL.
file  row0purge.h [code]
 Purge obsolete records.
file  row0quiesce.h [code]
 Header file for tablespace quiesce functions.
file  row0row.h [code]
 General row routines.
file  row0sel.h [code]
file  row0types.h [code]
 Row operation global types.
file  row0uins.h [code]
 Fresh insert undo.
file  row0umod.h [code]
 Undo modify of a row.
file  row0undo.h [code]
 Row undo.
file  row0upd.h [code]
 Update of a row.
file  row0vers.h [code]
 Row versions.
file  sess0sess.h [code]
 InnoDB session state tracker.
file  srv0conc.h [code]
 InnoDB concurrency manager header file.
file  srv0mon.h [code]
 Server monitor counter related defines.
file  srv0srv.h [code]
 The server main program.
file  srv0start.h [code]
 Starts the Innobase database server.
file  sync0arr.h [code]
 The wait array used in synchronization primitives.
file  sync0debug.h [code]
 Debug checks for latches, header file.
file  sync0policy.h [code]
 Policies for mutexes.
file  sync0rw.h [code]
 The read-write lock (for threads, not for database transactions)
file  sync0sharded_rw.h [code]
 The sharded read-write lock (for threads).
file  sync0sync.h [code]
 Mutex, the basic synchronization primitive.
file  sync0types.h [code]
 Global types for sync.
file  trx0i_s.h [code]
 INFORMATION SCHEMA innodb_trx, innodb_locks and innodb_lock_waits tables cache structures and public functions.
file  trx0purge.h [code]
 Purge old versions.
file  trx0rec.h [code]
 Transaction undo log record.
file  trx0roll.h [code]
 Transaction rollback.
file  trx0rseg.h [code]
 Rollback segment.
file  trx0sys.h [code]
 Transaction system.
file  trx0trx.h [code]
 The transaction.
file  trx0types.h [code]
 Transaction system global type definitions.
file  trx0undo.h [code]
 Transaction undo log.
file  trx0xa.h [code]
file  usr0sess.h [code]
file  usr0types.h [code]
 Users and sessions global types.
file  ut0byte.h [code]
 Utilities for byte operations.
file  ut0counter.h [code]
 Counter utility class.
file  ut0crc32.h [code]
 CRC32 implementation.
file  ut0dbg.h [code]
 Debug utilities for Innobase.
file  ut0list.h [code]
 A double-linked list.
file  ut0lock_free_hash.h [code]
 Lock free hash implementation.
file  ut0lst.h [code]
 List utilities.
file  ut0mem.h [code]
 Memory primitives.
file  ut0mutex.h [code]
 Policy based mutexes.
file  ut0new.h [code]
 Instrumented memory allocator.
file  ut0pool.h [code]
 Object pool.
file  ut0rbt.h [code]
 Various utilities.
file  ut0rnd.h [code]
 Random numbers and hashing.
file  ut0sort.h [code]
 Sort utility.
file  ut0stage.h [code]
 Supplementary code to performance schema stage instrumentation.
file  ut0ut.h [code]
 Various utilities.
file  ut0vec.h [code]
 A vector of pointers to data items.
file  ut0wqueue.h [code]
 A work queue.
file  zlob0first.h [code]
file  zlob0index.h [code]
file  zlob0read.h [code]