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MySql.Data.MySqlClient.Authentication Namespace

Public classMySqlAuthenticationPlugin
Defines the default behavior for an authentication plugin.
Public classMySqlClearPasswordPlugin
Allows connections to a user account set with the mysql_clear_password authentication plugin.
Public classMySqlNativePasswordPlugin
Allows connections to a user account set with the mysql_native_password authentication plugin.
Public classMySqlPemReader
Provides functionality to read, decode and convert PEM files to objects supported in .NET.
Public structureSecBuffer
Describes a buffer allocated by a transport to pass to a security package.
Public structureSecHandle
Defines a security handle.
Public structureSecPkgContext_Sizes
Indicates the sizes of important structures used in the message support functions.
Public structureSECURITY_HANDLE
Holds a pointer used to define a security handle.
Public structureSECURITY_INTEGER
Hold a numeric value used in defining other data types.
Public enumerationSecBufferType
Defines the type of the security buffer.