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MySql.Data.EntityFrameworkCore.Extensions Namespace

Public classMySQLDatabaseFacadeExtensions
Public classMySQLDbFunctionsExtensions
Provides CLR methods that get translated to database functions when used in LINQ to Entities queries. The methods on this class are accessed via Functions.
Public classMySQLIndexExtensions
Extension methods for IIndex for SQL Server-specific metadata.
Public classMySQLMigrationBuilderExtensions
MySQL specific extension methods for MigrationBuilder.
Public classMySQLModelExtensions
Extension methods for IModel for SQL Server-specific metadata.
Public classMySQLPropertyBuilderExtensions
Represents the implementation of MySQL property-builder extensions used in Fluent API.
Public classMySQLPropertyExtensions
Extension methods for IProperty for MySQL Server-specific metadata.
Public classMySQLServiceCollectionExtensions
MySQL extension class for IServiceCollection.