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MySqlX.XDevAPI Namespace

Public classBaseSession
Represents a base class for a Session.
Public classClient
Class encapsulating a session pooling functionality.
Public classCollection
Represents a collection of documents.
Public classCollectionT
Represents a collection of documents with a generic type.
Public classDatabaseObject
Represents a database object.
Public classDbDoc
Represents a generic document in JSON format.
Public classIterator
Defines elements that allow to iterate through the contents of various items.
Public classMySqlExpression
Public classMySQLX
Main class for session operations related to Connector/NET implementation of the X DevAPI.
Public classMySqlXConnectionStringBuilder
Enables the creation of connection strings by exposing the connection options as properties. Contains connection options specific to the X protocol.
Public classSchema
Represents a schema or database.
Public classSession
Represents a single server session.
Public enumerationSessionState
Describes the state of the session.