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MySqlDataAdapterDeleteCommand Property
Gets or sets a SQL statement or stored procedure used to delete records from the data set.

Namespace:  MySql.Data.MySqlClient
Assembly:  MySql.Data (in MySql.Data.dll) Version: 6.10.9
public MySqlCommand DeleteCommand { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: MySqlCommand
A MySqlCommand used during Update(DataSet) to delete records in the database that correspond to deleted rows in the DataSet.

During Update(DataSet), if this property is not set and primary key information is present in the DataSet, the DeleteCommand can be generated automatically if you set the SelectCommand property and use the MySqlCommandBuilder. Then, any additional commands that you do not set are generated by the MySqlCommandBuilder. This generation logic requires key column information to be present in the DataSet.

When DeleteCommand is assigned to a previously created MySqlCommand, the MySqlCommand is not cloned. The DeleteCommand maintains a reference to the previously created MySqlCommand object.

The following example creates a MySqlDataAdapter and sets the SelectCommand and DeleteCommand properties. It assumes you have already created a MySqlConnection object.
public static MySqlDataAdapter CreateCustomerAdapter(MySqlConnection conn)
MySqlDataAdapter da = new MySqlDataAdapter();
MySqlCommand cmd;
MySqlParameter parm;

// Create the SelectCommand.
cmd = new MySqlCommand("SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id=@id AND name=@name", conn);

cmd.Parameters.Add("@id", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 15);
cmd.Parameters.Add("@name", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 15);

da.SelectCommand = cmd;

// Create the DeleteCommand.
cmd = new MySqlCommand("DELETE FROM mytable WHERE id=@id", conn);

parm = cmd.Parameters.Add("@id", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 5, "id");
parm.SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Original;

da.DeleteCommand = cmd;

return da;
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