Solaris Notes

This section describes aspects of building Connector/C++ applications that are specific to Solaris. For general application-building information, see Section 2.5.1, “Building Connector/C++ Applications: General Considerations”.

As of Connector/C++ 8.0.13, it is possible to build Connector/C++ applications on Solaris. This requires the SunPro 5.15 or higher compiler (from Developer Studio 12.6). Earlier versions and building with GCC are not supported.

To use a Connector/C++ package provided by Oracle, application code must be built with SunPro 5.15 or higher under the following options: -m64 -std=c++11. The C++ runtime libraries and atomics library used should be the defaults (-library=stdcpp, -xatomics=studio).


The connector library and any code that uses it depends on the GCC runtime libraries shipped with Oracle Developer Studio 12.6, which must be installed before you run the application. See the download options for Oracle Developer Studio. The installation package enables you to install the runtime libraries only instead of the full Oracle Developer Studio; see instructions in Installing Only the Runtime Libraries on Oracle Solaris 11.

Target hosts running client applications must have the runtime libraries from Developer Studio 12.6 installed.