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2.3 Connector/C Distribution Contents

Connector/C 6.1 distributions contain the header, library, and utility files necessary to build MySQL client applications that communicate with MySQL Server using the C API.

Distributions are available in binary and source formats. A binary distribution contains the header, library, and utility components discussed following, compiled and ready for use in writing client programs. A source distribution contains the source files required to produce the same headers, libraries, and utilities included in a binary distribution, but you compile them yourself.

Connector/C distributions include these components:

  • A set of .h header files that C applications include at compile time. These files are located in the include directory.

  • Static and dynamic libraries that C applications link to at link time. These libraries are located in the lib directory. The library names depend on the library type and platform for which a distribution is built:

    • On Unix (and Unix-like) sytems, the static library is libmysqlclient.a. The dynamic library is on most Unix systems and libmysqlclient.dylib on OS X.

    • On Windows, the static library is mysqlclient.lib and the dynamic library is libmysql.dll. Windows distributions also include libmysql.lib, a static import library needed for using the dynamic library.

      Windows distributions also include a set of debug libraries. These have the same names as the nondebug libraries, but are located in the lib/debug library.

  • Utilities. Connector/C 6.1 includes the following utilities, located in the bin directory. They are the same as in MySQL Server distributions:

Connector/C 6.0 distributions are similar to 6.1 distributions, with these exceptions:

  • Debug libraries, my_print_defaults, and perror are not included.

  • mysql_config is an executable program that is available on all platforms. However, this version of mysql_config is more limited than the shell script version in the types of information it can display.