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  Posted by Anders Heil on December 17, 2015
It was clear up until the last step:
At this point, select the Authentication Type to From Internet. Launch the WEBSITE, ASP.NET Configuration tool and select the Security tab. Click the Select authentication type link and ensure that the From the internet radio button is selected. You can now examine the database you created to store membership information. All the necessary tables will have been created for you:

This paragraph matches nothing in Visual Studio. Please clarify
  Posted by Adam T on December 21, 2015
This is a bit circular - I'm trying to follow this from having installed the Connector 6.9 and 1.2.5 visual studio integration tools. However, there is no longer a "mysql project" merely an 'Item' but I can't add that because I need the project to be setup for an ADO.NET entity model and the website configuration tool to do that - but the icon only appears if I'm using a 'mysql project'.
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