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5.1 Connector/NET Authentication

MySQL Connector/NET implements a variety of authentication plugins that MySQL Server can invoke to authenticate a user. Pluggable authentication enables the server to determine which plugin applies, based on the user name and host name that your application passes to the server when making a connection. For a complete description of the authentication process, see Pluggable Authentication.

Connector/NET provides the following authentication plugins and methods:

  • mysql_native_password

    Supported for all versions of Connector/NET.

  • sha256_password

    Minimum version: Connector/NET 8.0.11

    Supported for both classic MySQL protocol and X Protocol connections. For additional information on using the MYSQL41 mechanism with X Protocol, see the Auth connection option.

  • caching_sha2_password

    Minimum version: Connector/NET 8.0.11 for classic MySQL protocol connections only.

  • authentication_windows_client

    Supported for all versions of Connector/NET.

  • authentication_ldap_sasl_client

    SASL-based LDAP authentication for Connector/NET requires the Enterprise Edition of MySQL and the authentication protocol applies to clients running on Windows and Linux, but not macOS.

    Minimum version:

    • Connector/NET 8.0.22 (SCRAM-SHA-1)

    • Connector/NET 8.0.23 (SCRAM-SHA-256) for classic MySQL protocol only

    • Connector/NET 8.0.24 (GSSAPI) for classic MySQL protocol only

      MIT Kerberos must be installed on each client system to enable authentication of request tickets for Connector/NET by a MySQL server when the user is identified as follows:

      IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_ldap_sasl

      and the authentication_ldap_sasl plugin is configured to use the GSSAPI mechanism.

      The required libraries are:

      • gssapi32.dll / gssapi64.dll for Windows

      • for Linux

  • mysql_clear_password

    Minimum version: Connector/NET 8.0.22 for classic MySQL protocol only.

    Requires a secure connection to the server, which is satisfied by either condition at the client:

    • The SslMode connection option has a value other than None (Preferred by default).

    • The ConnectionProtocol connection option is set to unix for Unix domain sockets.