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MySQL Connector/J 8.1 Developer Guide  /  Compatibility with MySQL and Java Versions

Chapter 2 Compatibility with MySQL and Java Versions

Here is some compatibility information for Connector/J 8.1:

  • JDBC versions: Connector/J 8.1 implements JDBC 4.2. While Connector/J 8.1 works with libraries of higher JDBC versions, it returns a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException for any calls of methods supported only by JDBC 4.3 and higher.

  • MySQL Server versions: Connector/J 8.1 supports MySQL 5.7, 8.0, and 8.1.

  • JRE versions: Connector/J 8.1 supports JRE 8 or higher.

  • JDK Required for Compilation: JDK 8.0 or higher is required for compiling Connector/J 8.1. Also, a customized JSSE provider might be required to use some later TLS versions and cipher suites when connecting to MySQL servers. For example, because Oracle's Java 8 releases before 8u261 were shipped with JSSE implementations that support TLS up to version 1.2 only, you need a customized JSSE implementation to use TLSv1.3 on those Java 8 platforms. Oracle Java 8u261 and above do support TLSv1.3, so no customized JSSE implementation is needed.