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MySQL Connector/J 8.1 Developer Guide  /  Known Issues and Limitations

Chapter 16 Known Issues and Limitations

The following are some known issues and limitations for MySQL Connector/J:

  • When Connector/J retrieves timestamps for a daylight saving time (DST) switch day using the getTimeStamp() method on the result set, some of the returned values might be wrong. In order to avoid such errors, we recommend setting a connection time zone that uses a monotonic clock by, for example, setting connectionTimeZone=UTC, and configuring other date-time connection properties according to your needs; see Section 6.6, “Handling of Date-Time Values” for details.

  • The functionality of the property elideSetAutoCommits has been disabled due to Bug# 66884. Any value given for the property is ignored by Connector/J.

  • MySQL Server uses a proleptic Gregorian calendar internally. However, Connector/J uses java.sql.Date, which is non-proleptic. Therefore, when setting and retrieving dates that were before the Julian-Gregorian cutover (October 15, 1582) using the PreparedStatement methods, always supply explicitly a proleptic Gregorian calendar to the setDate() and getDate() methods, in order to avoid possible errors with dates stored to and calculated by the server.

  • For MySQL 8.0.14 and later, 5.7.25 and later, and 5.6.43 and later: To use Windows named pipes for connections, the MySQL Server that Connector/J wants to connect to must be started with the system variable named_pipe_full_access_group; see Section 6.11, “Connecting Using Named Pipes” for details.