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MySQL Connector/J 5.1 Developer Guide  /  Connector/J (JDBC) Reference  /  Connecting Using PAM Authentication

5.10 Connecting Using PAM Authentication

Java applications using Connector/J 5.1.21 and higher can connect to MySQL servers that use the pluggable authentication module (PAM) authentication scheme.

For PAM authentication to work, you must have the following:

PAM authentication support is enabled by default in Connector/J 5.1.21 and up, so no extra configuration is needed.

To disable the PAM authentication feature, specify mysql_clear_password (the method) or com.mysql.jdbc.authentication.MysqlClearPasswordPlugin (the class name) in the comma-separated list of arguments for the disabledAuthenticationPlugins connection option. See Section 5.3, “Configuration Properties for Connector/J” for details about that connection option.