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MySQL Connector/J 5.1 Developer Guide  /  Using Connector/J with JBoss

Chapter 12 Using Connector/J with JBoss


JBoss AS is no longer maintained by its owner. Oracle does not provide support for JBoss AS. The Connector/J integration for JBoss is provided "as-is" and may stop functioning or be removed at anytime without notice.

These instructions cover JBoss-4.x. To make the JDBC driver classes available to the application server, put the JBoss common JDBC wrapper JAR archive (available from, for example, the Maven Central Repository at into the lib directory for your server configuration (which is usually called default). Then, in the same configuration directory, in the subdirectory named deploy, create a datasource configuration file that ends with -ds.xml, which tells JBoss to deploy this file as a JDBC Datasource. The file should have the following contents: