4.4 Testing Connector/C

If you build Connector/C from source, you can use the instructions in this section to test it. The details of the test procedure depend on your Connector/C version, except that a running MySQL server instance must be available regardless of version.

To test Connector/C 6.1:

Use the mysql_client_test utility in the tests directory. For information about the MySQL Test Framework, see the manual available at https://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysqltest/2.0/en/.

To test Connector/C 6.0:

Use the ctest command. Before you run the test suite, specify the following environment variables:

  • MYSQL_TEST_HOST: The host where the MySQL server is running (default localhost)

  • MYSQL_TEST_USER: The user name of the MySQL account to use

  • MYSQL_TEST_PASSWD: The password of the MySQL account to use

  • MYSQL_TEST_PORT: The TCP/IP port to connect to

  • MYSQL_TEST_SOCKET: The socket file to connect to

  • MYSQL_TEST_DB: The default database to use (default test)

To run the test suite, execute ctest from the command line:

shell> ctest

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