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Chapter 1 Introduction to Connector/C

Connector/C is a client library that implements the C API for client/server communication. It is a standalone replacement for the MySQL client library shipped with MySQL Server distributions. See MySQL C API Implementations.

To see which platforms are supported, visit MySQL Connector/C downloads.

Reasons to use Connector/C:

  • If you need only the client library, Connector/C provides everything required. There is no need to compile or install the MySQL Server package, which is much larger.

  • Connector/C does not rely on the MySQL Server release cycle. Bug fixes and new features can be distributed independently of MySQL Server releases.

For documentation of the C API implemented by Connector/C, see MySQL C API.

For notes detailing the changes in each release of Connector/C, see MySQL Connector/C Release Notes.

The following discussion covers these topics:

  • Connector/C versions and supported platforms

  • Connector/C distribution contents

  • Obtaining and installing Connector/C

  • Building client programs that use Connector/C

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