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MySQL PHP API  /  ...  /  mysqli_stmt::attr_set, mysqli_stmt_attr_set

3.10.3 mysqli_stmt::attr_set, mysqli_stmt_attr_set

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  • mysqli_stmt::attr_set


    Used to modify the behavior of a prepared statement


Object oriented style

bool mysqli_stmt::attr_set(int attr,
                           int mode);

Procedural style

bool mysqli_stmt_attr_set(mysqli_stmt stmt,
                          int attr,
                          int mode);

Used to modify the behavior of a prepared statement. This function may be called multiple times to set several attributes.



Procedural style only: A statement identifier returned by mysqli_stmt_init.


The attribute that you want to set. It can have one of the following values:

Table 3.13 Attribute values

MYSQLI_STMT_ATTR_UPDATE_MAX_LENGTHSetting to TRUE causes mysqli_stmt_store_result to update the metadata MYSQL_FIELD->max_length value.
MYSQLI_STMT_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPEType of cursor to open for statement when mysqli_stmt_execute is invoked. mode can be MYSQLI_CURSOR_TYPE_NO_CURSOR (the default) or MYSQLI_CURSOR_TYPE_READ_ONLY.
MYSQLI_STMT_ATTR_PREFETCH_ROWSNumber of rows to fetch from server at a time when using a cursor. mode can be in the range from 1 to the maximum value of unsigned long. The default is 1.

If you use the MYSQLI_STMT_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPE option with MYSQLI_CURSOR_TYPE_READ_ONLY, a cursor is opened for the statement when you invoke mysqli_stmt_execute. If there is already an open cursor from a previous mysqli_stmt_execute call, it closes the cursor before opening a new one. mysqli_stmt_reset also closes any open cursor before preparing the statement for re-execution. mysqli_stmt_free_result closes any open cursor.

If you open a cursor for a prepared statement, mysqli_stmt_store_result is unnecessary.


The value to assign to the attribute.

See Also

Connector/MySQL mysql_stmt_attr_set()

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