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Note: [DIR] is the path to the MySQL client library files (headers and libraries), which can be downloaded from MySQL.

Table 6.1 ext/mysql compile time support matrix

PHP VersionDefaultConfigure Options: mysqlndConfigure Options: libmysqlclientChangelog
4.x.xlibmysqlclientNot Available--without-mysql to disableMySQL enabled by default, MySQL client libraries are bundled
5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.xlibmysqlclientNot Available--with-mysql=[DIR]MySQL is no longer enabled by default, and the MySQL client libraries are no longer bundled
5.3.xlibmysqlclient--with-mysql=mysqlnd--with-mysql=[DIR]mysqlnd is now available
5.4.xmysqlnd--with-mysql--with-mysql=[DIR]mysqlnd is now the default

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