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5.7.7 Collection::existsInDatabase

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  • Collection::existsInDatabase

    Check if collection exists in database


public bool mysql_xdevapi\Collection::existsInDatabase();

Checks if the Collection object refers to a collection in the database (schema).


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

Returns true if collection exists in the database, else false if it does not.

A table defined with two columns (doc and _id) is considered a collection, and a third _json_schema column as of MySQL 8.0.21. Adding an additional column means existsInDatabase() will no longer see it as a collection.


Example 5.17 mysql_xdevapi\Collection::existsInDatabase example

$session = mysql_xdevapi\getSession("mysqlx://user:password@localhost");
$session->sql("DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS addressbook")->execute();
$session->sql("CREATE DATABASE addressbook")->execute();

$schema = $session->getSchema("addressbook");
$create = $schema->createCollection("people");

// ...

$collection = $schema->getCollection("people");

// ...

if (!$collection->existsInDatabase()) {
    echo "The collection no longer exists in the database named addressbook. What happened?";