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6.2 Changelog

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The following changes have been made to classes/functions/methods of this extension.

General Changelog for the ext/mysql extension

This changelog references the ext/mysql extension.

Global ext/mysql changes

The following is a list of changes to the entire ext/mysql extension.


This extension was removed from PHP. For details, see Section 2.3, “Choosing an API”.


This extension has been deprecated. Connecting to a MySQL database via mysql_connect, mysql_pconnect or an implicit connection via any other mysql_* function will generate an E_DEPRECATED error.


All of the old deprecated functions and aliases now emit E_DEPRECATED errors. These functions are:

mysql(), mysql_fieldname(), mysql_fieldtable(), mysql_fieldlen(), mysql_fieldtype(), mysql_fieldflags(), mysql_selectdb(), mysql_createdb(), mysql_dropdb(), mysql_freeresult(), mysql_numfields(), mysql_numrows(), mysql_listdbs(), mysql_listtables(), mysql_listfields(), mysql_db_name(), mysql_dbname(), mysql_tablename(), and mysql_table_name().

Changes to existing functions

The following list is a compilation of changelog entries from the ext/mysql functions.