10.9 Version 0.2

  • All tables have a last_update TIMESTAMP column with traditional behavior (DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP).

  • actor_id is now a SMALLINT.

  • address_id is now a SMALLINT.

  • category_id is now a TINYINT.

  • city_id is now a SMALLINT.

  • country_id is now a SMALLINT.

  • customer_id is now a SMALLINT.

  • first_name, last_name for customer table are now CHAR instead of VARCHAR.

  • customer table now has email CHAR(50).

  • create_date on customer table is now DATETIME (to accommodate last_update TIMESTAMP).

  • customer table has a new ON INSERT trigger that enforces create_date column being set to NOW().

  • film_id is now SMALLINT.

  • film.description now has DEFAULT NULL.

  • film.release_year added with type YEAR.

  • film.language_id and film.original_language_id added along with language table. For foreign films that may have been subtitled. original_language_id can be NULL, language_id is NOT NULL.

  • film.length is now SMALLINT.

  • film.category_id column removed.

  • New table: film_category; allows for multiple categories per film.

  • film_text.category_id column removed.

  • inventory_id is now MEDIUMINT.

  • payment_id is now SMALLINT.

  • payment.payment_date is now DATETIME.

  • Trigger added to payment table to enforce that payment_date is set to NOW() upon INSERT.

  • rental.rent_date is now rental.rental_date and is now DATETIME.

  • Trigger added to rental table to enforce that rental_date is set to NOW() upon INSERT.

  • staff_id is now TINYINT.

  • staff.email added (VARCHAR(50)).

  • staff.username added (VARCHAR(16)).

  • store_id is now TINYINT.

  • film_list view updated to handle new film_category table.

  • nicer_but_slower_film_list view updated to handle new film_category table.

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