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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.1.3 (2014-03-24, Release Candidate)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The default schema is now expanded automatically when a connection is opened, or when the default schema changes. (Bug #18237247, Bug #70522)

  • The Beautify query feature was changed. It now only affects the current statement, unless there is an explicit selection. Before, it would reformat all statements in the window by default. (Bug #18237189, Bug #71544)

  • A new Create Missing Local Connections option was added to the right-click context menu on the Home screen. It attempts to identify and create connections to locally installed MySQL servers. (Bug #17454766, Bug #70150)

  • A specific connection string can now be passed to the --query command-line option at startup, in the form of "--query user@host:port". If this connection string does not already exist, then it will be created. (Bug #17353691, Bug #70134)

  • MySQL Workbench now checks if the lower_case_table_name variable is correctly set on Microsoft Windows and OS X systems. If not, then MySQL Workbench will display a dialog after connect, and emit a warning message when performing synchronization or reverse engineering actions. (Bug #14802853)

  • New Report a Bug functionality now opens a browser with the MySQL bug page pre-populated with MySQL Workbench data. This also allows MySQL Workbench to be fully manipulated while submitting the bug report. (Bug #14079590, Bug #65258)

Bugs Fixed

  • Adding and then immediately deleting the same MySQL connection from within the Synchronize With Any Source wizard would emit an error such as "Unable to cast object of the type mysql.forms.seperationitem to type system string." (Bug #18449191, Bug #71501)

  • FOUND_ROWS() (after a SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS statement) returned 1 (true) instead of the number of found rows. (Bug #18342953, Bug #71920)

  • The local private key file for an SSH connection when executing Remote Connection in MySQL Workbench through SSH could not be saved to a folder with accented characters. (Bug #18328846, Bug #71800)

  • Exported JSON string delimiters used double quotes instead of single quotes, and the exported JSON file extension changed from .js to .json. (Bug #18314718, Bug #71846)

  • Some user interface (UI) elements explicitly set a background color but not a font color, and vice-versa. (Bug #18305958, Bug #71828)

  • On OS X, the Find button was grayed out (disabled). (Bug #18290813, Bug #68949)

  • On OS X, using key shortcuts to record marker positions #3 and #4 on the modeling canvas did not function, as these shortcuts (Command + Shift + 3 and Command + Shift + 4) are predefined to execute screenshot features. (Bug #18268043)

  • A Show schema name diagram preference was added. If enabled, it shows the schema name in the table heading of an EER Diagram. (Bug #18268014, Bug #71592)

  • The Shift + Control + Arrow Key (left or right) now moves the cursor word-by-word in the SQL code editor, to go along with the character-by-character Shift + Arrow Key functionality. (Bug #18267537)

  • On Linux, the audit log inspector did not function when there were not spaces in the "ls" date column. On some Linux variants, such as SLES 11, "ls -l" outputs a date format like "2014-02-14" instead of "Feb 14". (Bug #18257020)

  • On Linux, a scheduled and executed MEB Online Backup would not output the error log to stderr. Also, the saved log file was always named $BACKUP_NAME.log, by using the literal '$BACKUP_NAME' instead of parsing it as a variable. (Bug #18243667, Bug #71674)

  • MySQL Workbench will now see the NO ACTION and RESTRICT referential action options as two different options. (Bug #18237503, Bug #71499)

  • On OS X, pressing Shift would interfere with the Option + Arrow word-by-word selector operation, and would instead change it to a character-by-character operation. (Bug #18237104, Bug #64358)

  • On Linux, the Help, View Reported bugs link (to view current MySQL Workbench bugs) was broken. Its path included "WB%2520bugs" instead of "WB%20bugs". (Bug #18231109, Bug #71668)

  • The Check for updates operation failed to function for the commercial edition. (Bug #18225980, Bug #16879533, Bug #69346)

  • After copying and pasting tables within the Alter Table panel, clicking Apply would return "No changes detected" instead of detecting the changes. Copied and pasted entries (from the clipboard) are now detected and saved. (Bug #18205924, Bug #71632)

  • When migrating from Microsoft SQL Server, nVarchar(n) columns would always migrate to a MySQL VARCHAR(n) column that was twice the size. (Bug #18195599, Bug #71608)

  • While executing the Migration Wizard, successfully entered credentials during a Test Connection remained in cache until the migration tab was closed, despite the Save password in keychain option not being enabled. The connection is now closed after executing Test Connection. (Bug #18195389)

  • When migrating from Microsoft SQL Server, column names greater than 64 characters were automatically renamed with the object migration component. The schema creation created the new table structure as expected, but later the bulk migration bulk data transfer attempted to import data to the original column names. (Bug #18168027, Bug #71532)

  • When migrating from Microsoft SQL Server, mapping a VARCHAR column to TEXT would still attempt to migrate it to VARCHAR, which could yield an error if the VARCHAR exceeded the maximum size. It now properly maps to TEXT. (Bug #18167872, Bug #71036)

  • Saved connections would sometimes not function (connect) properly unless the password was saved to the local vault. (Bug #18154787)

  • The values "true" and "false" are now converted to "1" and "0" if the column is a BOOLEAN or TINYINT. Also, synchronizing a BOOLEAN against a TINYINT no longer generates any differences, when before it might generate SQL that "changed" TINYINT columns to TINYINT. (Bug #18124474, Bug #71458)

  • The Store connection for future usage option in the Database Migration wizard did not store the defined MySQL connections. (Bug #18124149)

  • When migrating from Microsoft SQL Server, DECIMAL(n, n) columns did not properly migrate to BIGINT(n). (Bug #18105487, Bug #71379)

  • When migrating from Microsoft SQL Server, Varchar(MAX) is now imported as LONGTEXT, instead of the erroneous VARCHAR(-1). (Bug #18105486, Bug #71253)

  • On Linux, using a GTK theme with light font colors would cause the schema listing to be difficult to read. (Bug #17958777, Bug #71141)

  • Altering a table's comment would immediately move the cursor position to the end of the comment. A workaround was to copy-n-paste a comment into this window. (Bug #17945616, Bug #70970)

  • After creating an InnoDB table with a primary key, dropping it and then creating the same table with MyISAM but without a primary key would fail with a "missing primary key" error. (Bug #17843045, Bug #70982)

  • MySQL Workbench failed to reverse engineer tables containing TIME(n) and DATETIME(n) (fractional timestamp) columns. (Bug #17559837, Bug #70515)

  • Executing Execute Now for a defined backup job would finish successfully, but would also report an error. (Bug #17408250)

  • When multiple versions of MySQL Enterprise Backup were installed, the MySQL Backup Command Path would include both paths. Now, the first discovered path is used, and a warning about having multiple MySQL Enterprise Backup installations is logged. (Bug #17367584)

  • The MySQL keywords were sometimes blank (missing) in the SQL Additions panel. (Bug #17346343, Bug #70116)

  • The Migration Wizard Overview text was updated to reflect better grammar. (Bug #17283213)

  • When too many tabs are present in MySQL Workbench, a double arrow now appears in the right top corner. When clicked, a list of the hidden tabs will appear. (Bug #16757127, Bug #69091)

  • The MySQL Workbench Scripting Shell did not allow tabs or spaces for indentation in interactive Python scripts. A workaround was to instead create and execute script files. (Bug #14520728, Bug #66451)

  • Sometimes the Report Bug window would remain open, even after pressing Cancel. (Bug #14495624, Bug #66084)

  • The panel dimensions for an EER diagram are now preserved. This left panel stores the descriptions, properties, and history tabs. (Bug #13972049, Bug #64661)

  • The Synchronize Model routine would only notice changes to some triggers, while ignoring changes to others. It would not update these triggers even if forced by using the Update Source button. (Bug #11766750, Bug #59934)

  • MySQL Workbench would allow a table group to be renamed using a reserved MySQL keyword. (Bug #11763690, Bug #56431)

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