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MySQL 5.1 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.1.31sp1 [QSP] (2009-03-19)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.1.31sp1 [QSP] (2009-03-19)

This is a Service Pack release of the MySQL Enterprise Server 5.1.

This section documents all changes and bugfixes that have been applied since the last MySQL Enterprise Server release (5.1.31).

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Functionality Added or Changed

  • The libedit library was upgraded to version 2.11. (Bug #42433)

Bugs Fixed

  • Security Fix: Using an XPath expression employing a scalar expression as a FilterExpr with ExtractValue() or UpdateXML() caused the server to crash. Such expressions now cause an error instead. (Bug #42495)

  • On the IBM i5 platform, the MySQL configuration process caused the system version of pthread_setschedprio() to be used. This function returns SIGILL on i5 because it is not supported, causing the server to crash. Now the my_pthread_setprio() function in the mysys library is used instead. (Bug #42524)

  • The SSL certificates included with MySQL distributions were regenerated because the previous ones had expired. (Bug #42366)

  • User variables within triggers could cause a crash if the mysql_change_user() C API function was invoked. (Bug #42188)

  • Some queries using NAME_CONST(.. COLLATE ...) led to a server crash due to a failed type cast. (Bug #42014)