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MySQL 5.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.0.54a [MRU] (2008-01-11)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.0.54a [MRU] (2008-01-11)

This is a Monthly Rapid Update release of the MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.

This is a bugfix release that replaces MySQL 5.0.54.

Bugs Fixed

  • Security Fix: Three vulnerabilities in yaSSL versions 1.7.5 and earlier were discovered that could lead to a server crash or execution of unauthorized code. The exploit requires a server with yaSSL enabled and TCP/IP connections enabled, but does not require valid MySQL account credentials. The exploit does not apply to OpenSSL.


    The proof-of-concept exploit is freely available on the Internet. Everyone with a vulnerable MySQL configuration is advised to upgrade immediately.

    (Bug #33814, CVE-2008-0226, CVE-2008-0227)