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MySQL 5.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.0.44sp1 [QSP] (2007-08-01)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.0.44sp1 [QSP] (2007-08-01)

This is a Service Pack release of the MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.

This section documents all changes and bug fixes that have been applied since the last MySQL Enterprise Server release (5.0.44).

Bugs Fixed

  • Using the DATE() function in a WHERE clause did not return any records after encountering NULL. However, using TRIM() or CAST() produced the correct results. (Bug #29898)

  • For a table with a DATE column date_col such that selecting rows with WHERE date_col = 'date_val 00:00:00' yielded a nonempty result, adding GROUP BY date_col caused the result to be empty. (Bug #29729)

  • Optimization of queries with DETERMINISTIC stored functions in the WHERE clause was ineffective: A sequential scan was always used. (Bug #29338)

  • Creation of a legal stored procedure could fail if no default database had been selected. (Bug #29050)

  • If a stored procedure was created and invoked prior to selecting a default database with USE, a No database selected error occurred. (Bug #28551)