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MySQL 5.0 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.0.28 (2006-10-24)

Changes in MySQL Enterprise 5.0.28 (2006-10-24)

This is the first MySQL Enterprise Server release, following the last Community Server release (5.0.27).

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Binary MySQL distributions no longer include a mysqld-max server, except for RPM distributions. Instead, distributions contain a mysqld binary that includes the features previously included in the mysqld-max binary.

Bugs Fixed

  • MySQL 5.0.26 introduced an ABI incompatibility, which this release reverts. Programs compiled against 5.0.26 are not compatible with any other version and must be recompiled. (Bug #23427)

  • InnoDB: Reduced optimization level for Windows 64 builds to handle possible memory overrun. (Bug #19424)