MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.4 (2013-06-27)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.4 (2013-06-27)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes that have been applied in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.4 since the release of MySQL Cluster Manager version 1.2.3.

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed

  • Packaging: Shortcuts added to the Windows Start menu by the MySQL Manager installer sometimes pointed to the wrong location. (Bug #16781988)

  • Agent: Some Boolean configuration attributes were not handled correctly when set to false, with only the name of the attribute being written into the configuration file. (Bug #16883136)

  • Client: When binary logging was disabled using reset log_bin ..., the get command returned hostname-bin for the value of log_bin, while SHOW VARIABLES in the mysql client showed OFF for the same variable. As part of this fix, MySQL Cluster Manager now sets log_bin to OFF by default, rather than to hostname-bin. (Bug #16392933)