MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1 Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.6 (2012-05-30)

Changes in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.6 (2012-05-30)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes that have been applied in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.6 since the release of MySQL Cluster Manager version 1.1.5.

Bugs Fixed

  • Agent: Data nodes which failed at the same time and were later restarted together could be started wrongly with the --initial option. (Bug #14057697)

  • Client: MySQL Cluster Manager did not handle the allowed_values attribute in the output of ndb_config --configinfo --xml from MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.6 and later correctly. (Bug #14047248)

  • Client: In some cases the start process command reported success without actually starting the process. Subsequently, it was still necessary to use an explicit stop process command before it was possible to issue start process successfully. (Bug #13974168)

  • Packaging: The 32-bit MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.5 plus MySQL Cluster package for Oracle Linux 5 and 6 embedded the 64-bit version of MySQL Cluster. (Bug #14005113)