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Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 0.76

  • Driver now using charset number given in handshake to create encoding.

  • Changed command editor to point to MySqlClient.Design.

  • Fixed bug in Version.isAtLeast.

  • Changed DBConnectionString to support changes done to MySqlConnectionString.

  • Removed SqlCommandEditor and DataAdapterPreviewDialog.

  • Using new long return values in many places.

  • Integrated new CompressedStream class.

  • Changed ConnectionString and added attributes to permit it to be used in MySqlClient.Design.

  • Changed packet.cs to support newer lengths in ReadLenInteger.

  • Changed other classes to use new properties and fields of MySqlConnectionString.

  • ConnectionInternal is now using PING to see whether the server is available.

  • Moved toolbox bitmaps into resource folder.

  • Changed field.cs to permit values to come directly from row buffer.

  • Changed to use the new driver.Send syntax.

  • Using a new packet queueing system.

  • Started work handling the "broken" compression packet handling.

  • Fixed bug in StreamCreator where failure to connect to a host would continue to loop infinitely (thanks Kevin Casella).

  • Improved connectstring handling.

  • Moved designers into Pro product.

  • Removed some old commented out code from command.cs.

  • Fixed a problem with compression.

  • Fixed connection object where an exception throw prior to the connection opening would not leave the connection in the connecting state (thanks Chris Cline).

  • Added GUID support.

  • Fixed sequence out of order bug (thanks Mark Reay).

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