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Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 0.74

  • Added Unix socket support (thanks Mohammad DAMT).

  • Only calling Thread.Sleep when no data is available.

  • Improved escaping of quote characters in parameter data.

  • Removed misleading comments from parameter.cs.

  • Fixed pooling bug.

  • Fixed ConnectionString editor dialog (thanks marco p (pomarc)).

  • UserId now supported in connection strings (thanks Jeff Neeley).

  • Attempting to create a parameter that is not input throws an exception (thanks Ryan Gregg).

  • Added much documentation.

  • Checked in new MultiHostStream capability. Big thanks to Dan Guisinger for this. he originally submitted the code and idea of supporting multiple machines on the connect string.

  • Added a lot of documentation.

  • Fixed speed issue with 0.73.

  • Changed to Thread.Sleep(0) in MySqlDataStream to help optimize the case where it doesn't need to wait (thanks Todd German).

  • Prepopulating the idlepools to MinPoolSize.

  • Fixed MySqlPool deadlock condition as well as stupid bug where CreateNewPooledConnection was not ever adding new connections to the pool. Also fixed MySqlStream.ReadBytes and ReadByte to not use TicksPerSecond which does not appear to always be right. (thanks Matthew J. Peddlesden)

  • Fix for precision and scale (thanks Matthew J. Peddlesden).

  • Added Thread.Sleep(1) to stream reading methods to be more cpu friendly (thanks Sean McGinnis).

  • Fixed problem where ExecuteReader would sometime return null (thanks Lloyd Dupont).

  • Fixed major bug with null field handling (thanks Naucki).

  • Enclosed queries for max_allowed_packet and characterset inside try catch (and set defaults).

  • Fixed problem where socket was not getting closed properly (thanks Steve!).

  • Fixed problem where ExecuteNonQuery was not always returning the right value.

  • Fixed InternalConnection to not use @@session.max_allowed_packet but use @@max_allowed_packet. (Thanks Miguel)

  • Added many new XML doc lines.

  • Fixed SQL parsing to not send empty queries (thanks Rory).

  • Fixed problem where the reader was not unpeeking the packet on close.

  • Fixed problem where user variables were not being handled (thanks Sami Vaaraniemi).

  • Fixed loop checking in the MySqlPool (thanks Steve M. Brown)

  • Fixed ParameterCollection.Add method to match SqlClient (thanks Joshua Mouch).

  • Fixed ConnectionString parsing to handle no and yes for boolean and not lowercase values (thanks Naucki).

  • Added InternalConnection class, changes to pooling.

  • Implemented Persist Security Info.

  • Added security.cs and version.cs to project

  • Fixed DateTime handling in Parameter.cs (thanks Burkhard Perkens-Golomb).

  • Fixed parameter serialization where some types would throw a cast exception.

  • Fixed DataReader to convert all returned values to prevent casting errors (thanks Keith Murray).

  • Added code to Command.ExecuteReader to return null if the initial SQL statement throws an exception (thanks Burkhard Perkens-Golomb).

  • Fixed ExecuteScalar bug introduced with restructure.

  • Restructure to permit LOCAL DATA INFILE and better sequencing of packets.

  • Fixed several bugs related to restructure.

  • Early work done to support more secure passwords in MySQL 4.1. Old passwords in 4.1 not supported yet.

  • Parameters appearing after system parameters are now handled correctly (Adam M. (adammil)).

  • Strings can now be assigned directly to blob fields (Adam M.).

  • Fixed float parameters (thanks Pent).

  • Improved Parameter constructor and ParameterCollection.Add methods to better match SqlClient (thanks Joshua Mouch).

  • Corrected Connection.CreateCommand to return a MySqlCommand type.

  • Fixed connection string designer dialog box problem (thanks Abraham Guyt).

  • Fixed problem with sending commands not always reading the response packet (thanks Joshua Mouch).

  • Fixed parameter serialization where some blobs types were not being handled (thanks Sean McGinnis).

  • Removed spurious from DataReader code (thanks Joshua Mouch).

  • Fixed a nasty bug in the split SQL code (thanks everyone!).

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