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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.2 (2002-11-08)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed DBMD.supportsResultSetConcurrency() so that it returns true for ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE and ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY or ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE.

  • Added com.mysql.jdbc.MiniAdmin class, which enables you to send shutdown command to MySQL server. This is intended to be used when embedding Java and MySQL server together in an end-user application.

  • Fixed incorrect conversion in ResultSet.getLong().

  • Added connectTimeout parameter that enables users of JDK-1.4 and newer to specify a maximum time to wait to establish a connection.

  • Fixed issue with updatable result sets and PreparedStatements not working.

  • Use SHOW CREATE TABLE when possible for determining foreign key information for DatabaseMetaData. Also enables cascade options for DELETE information to be returned.

  • Failover and autoReconnect work only when the connection is in an autoCommit(false) state, to stay transaction-safe.

  • PreparedStatement now honors stream lengths in setBinary/Ascii/Character Stream() unless you set the connection property useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts to false.

  • Implemented Clob.truncate().

  • Removed some not-needed temporary object creation by smarter use of Strings in EscapeProcessor, Connection and DatabaseMetaData classes.

  • Removed duplicate code from UpdatableResultSet (it can be inherited from ResultSet, the extra code for each method to handle updatability I thought might someday be necessary has not been needed).

  • Fixed ResultSet.setFetchDirection(FETCH_UNKNOWN).

  • Implemented Clob.setString().

  • Fixed UnsupportedEncodingException thrown when forcing a character encoding using properties.

  • Escape 0x5c character in strings for the SJIS charset.

  • Implemented Clob.setCharacterStream().

  • Implemented Clob.setAsciiStream().

  • Fixed start position off-by-1 error in Clob.getSubString().

  • Added SSL support. See README for information on how to use it.

  • Fixed issue when calling Statement.setFetchSize() when using arbitrary values.

  • Properly restore connection properties when autoReconnecting or failing-over, including autoCommit state, and isolation level.

  • Fixed ResultSet.isLast() for empty result sets (should return false).

  • Added driver property useHostsInPrivileges. Defaults to true. Affects whether or not @hostname will be used in DBMD.getColumn/TablePrivileges.

  • Fixed various non-ASCII character encoding issues.

  • Added queriesBeforeRetryMaster property that specifies how many queries to issue when failed over before attempting to reconnect to the master (defaults to 50).

  • Implemented ResultSet.updateBlob().

  • All DBMD result set columns describing schemas now return NULL to be more compliant with the behavior of other JDBC drivers for other database systems (MySQL does not support schemas).

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