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Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.10 (2004-01-13)

Bugs Fixed

  • Enable caching of the parsing stage of prepared statements using the cachePrepStmts, prepStmtCacheSize, and prepStmtCacheSqlLimit properties (disabled by default). (Bug #2006)

  • Fixed security exception when used in Applets (applets can't read the system property file.encoding which is needed for LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE). (Bug #2006)

  • Speed up parsing of PreparedStatements, try to use one-pass whenever possible. (Bug #2006)

  • Fixed exception Unknown character set 'danish' on connect with JDK-1.4.0 (Bug #2006)

  • Fixed mappings in SQLError to report deadlocks with SQLStates of 41000. (Bug #2006)

  • Removed static synchronization bottleneck from instance factory method of SingleByteCharsetConverter. (Bug #2006)

  • Removed static synchronization bottleneck from PreparedStatement.setTimestamp(). (Bug #2006)

  • ResultSet.findColumn() should use first matching column name when there are duplicate column names in SELECT query (JDBC-compliance). (Bug #2006)

  • maxRows property would affect internal statements, so check it for all statement creation internal to the driver, and set to 0 when it is not. (Bug #2006)

  • Use constants for SQLStates. (Bug #2006)

  • Map charset ko18_ru to ko18r when connected to MySQL-4.1.0 or newer. (Bug #2006)

  • Ensure that Buffer.writeString() saves room for the \0. (Bug #2006)

  • ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when parameter number == number of parameters + 1. (Bug #1958)

  • Connection property maxRows not honored. (Bug #1933)

  • Statements being created too many times in DBMD.extractForeignKeyFromCreateTable(). (Bug #1925)

  • Support escape sequence {fn convert ... }. (Bug #1914)

  • Implement ResultSet.updateClob(). (Bug #1913)

  • Autoreconnect code didn't set catalog upon reconnect if it had been changed. (Bug #1913)

  • ResultSet.getObject() on TINYINT and SMALLINT columns should return Java type Integer. (Bug #1913)

  • Added more descriptive error message Server Configuration Denies Access to DataSource, as well as retrieval of message from server. (Bug #1913)

  • ResultSetMetaData.isCaseSensitive() returned wrong value for CHAR/VARCHAR columns. (Bug #1913)

  • Added alwaysClearStream connection property, which causes the driver to always empty any remaining data on the input stream before each query. (Bug #1913)

  • DatabaseMetaData.getSystemFunction() returning bad function VResultsSion. (Bug #1775)

  • Foreign Keys column sequence is not consistent in DatabaseMetaData.getImported/Exported/CrossReference(). (Bug #1731)

  • Fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when using Statement.setMaxRows(). (Bug #1695)

  • Subsequent call to ResultSet.updateFoo() causes NPE if result set is not updatable. (Bug #1630)

  • Fix for 4.1.1-style authentication with no password. (Bug #1630)

  • Cross-database updatable result sets are not checked for updatability correctly. (Bug #1592)

  • DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() should return Types.LONGVARCHAR for MySQL LONGTEXT type. (Bug #1592)

  • Fixed regression of Statement.getGeneratedKeys() and REPLACE statements. (Bug #1576)

  • Barge blobs and split packets not being read correctly. (Bug #1576)

  • Backported fix for aliased tables and UpdatableResultSets in checkUpdatability() method from 3.1 branch. (Bug #1534)

  • Friendlier exception message for PacketTooLargeException. (Bug #1534)

  • Don't count quoted IDs when inside a 'string' in PreparedStatement parsing. (Bug #1511)

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