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Before you set up the plugin and the internal tables, verify that your server has the required prerequisite software.

Platform Support

The memcached Daemon Plugin is only supported on Linux, Solaris, and OS X platforms.

Software Prerequisites

You must have libevent installed, since it is required by memcached. The way to get this library is different if you use the MySQL installer or build from source:

  • If you installed using the MySQL installer, the libevent library is not included in the installation. Use the installation method for your operating system to install libevent 1.4.3 or later: for example, depending on the operating system, you might use the command apt-get, yum, or port install. For example, on Ubuntu Linux:

    sudo apt-get install libevent-dev
  • If you install from a source code release, libevent 1.4.3 is bundled with the package and is located at the top level of the MySQL source code directory. If you use this bundled version of libevent, no action is required. If you want to use a local system version of libevent you must build MySQL with the -DWITH_LIBEVENT build option set to system or yes.

Prerequisites When Building MySQL from Source

When you build MySQL server, you must build with -DWITH_INNODB_MEMCACHED=ON. This build option generates two shared libraries in the MySQL plugin directory (plugin_dir) that are required to run InnoDB memcached:

  • the memcached daemon plugin to MySQL.

  • an InnoDB API plugin to memcached.

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