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  Posted by John Russell on March 6, 2014
If you end up with 2 instances of MySQL installed side-by-side, the deinstall process involves manual steps with rm and editing files:

This would be a useful option to have in the OS X installer (choice to install or deinstall, pick which version to deinstall). Failing that, how about a doc section on deinstalling, distinct from upgrading/downgrading.

Context: after an upgrade to OS X Mavericks, MySQL stopped working. The directories and files were all still there, probably there were just some system or init files clobbered by the OS upgrade. Installing the latest and greatest gave me a working 5.6 instance but without my former data. I retrieved my original 5.5 version from the archives, deinstalled 5.6 using the manual steps from StackOverflow, then installed 5.5 again. 5.5 refused to install while it could detect the presence of 5.6 -- thus requiring the explicit deinstall step. The reinstalled 5.5 instance successfully used the data files that were already in place.
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