Connecting to MySQL Instance Manager


MySQL Instance Manager has been deprecated and is removed in MySQL 5.5.

After you set up a password file for the MySQL Instance Manager and Instance Manager is running, you can connect to it. The MySQL client/server protocol is used to communicate with the Instance Manager. For example, you can connect to it using the standard mysql client program:

shell> mysql --port=2273 --host=im.example.org --user=mysql --password

Instance Manager supports the version of the MySQL client/server protocol used by the client tools and libraries distributed with MySQL 4.1 or later, so other programs that use the MySQL C API also can connect to it.

User Comments
  Posted by Eric Windisch on November 6, 2005
To securely create the mysqlmanager.passwd file, run:

% omask=`umask`
% umask 0177
% touch /etc/mysqlmanager.passwd
% umask $omask

This will prevent anyone on the server from seeing the contents of that file.

If you've already created the file, the permissions should be 600, which can be set with the command:
% chmod 600 /etc/mysqlmanager.passwd

  Posted by Tom Krouper on April 17, 2008
If you have safe-updates set in the [mysql] section of your my.cnf file you will not be able to log into the instance manager.
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